Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Digital Literacy:cv

Contact Details
Name: Krystle Renee Staiger
Date Of Birth: 27/10/1989
Address: Otago, Dunedin
Home: 07 544 6158
Cell: 027 6603357 Email: KrystleRenee@gmail.com

Personal Profile
I am an extremely hands-on, creative person and i work at a high level of perfection. I have acquired knowledge of skills and techniques from my 3years of study that enable me to work as an individual both in my art practice and life in general, developed my identity and gain life experience. I am very hard working, good at time management have grate customer service skills

Artistic Hardworking Honest

NCEA Level 2
Diploma in Fine Arts
Hobbies and Interests
Photography jewellery and painting, I am a very creative person. Also play netball and enjoy being part of the team.

Tauranga Girles College, Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty
NCEA Level 2
Details: completed secondary education at Tauranga Girls College
In 2006, mainly taking Art and Hospitality.

Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic, Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty
Diploma in Arts Level 6
Details: Graduated in 2008 after 2years of full-time study in the Arts. First year studied Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Weaving, Jewellery, Clay and Drawing. The following year i majored in my three strongest fields; Painting, Photography and Printmaking. The Diploma helped me to explore my individual creativity as an artist and develod on my business skill, learing how to establish a career in the Arts.

Otago Polytechnic, Otago, Dunedin Bachelor of Visual Arts
Details: 3year full-time study in the arts, started in 2009. Building on the creative skills i already have and developing into an independent art career, my aim is to be able to do what I love and make a living in doing so. My aim is to specialise in Jewellery Making.

Employment history
/Job Title

Checkout Operator

Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

Pak’n’Save: Operating checkouts, handling money, packing and over all customer services

Arbuckles: Displaying of merchandise, setting up the overall display of the shop due to my background in design and art skills. Re-stock of goods. Costumer services, working in the weekends was a lot of the time running the shop on my own or second in charge

Postie+: Again Sales Assistant so working the checkout, handling Costumers and in the knew about how to work with money, eftpos and returns.

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